Tango danced to classical music:  repertoire includes Robert Schumann's Vogel als Prophet, Fantasiestücke, Op.73 for Cello and Piano and Additional Symphonic Etude II, John Field's Nocturne No. 16 in F major, Franz Liszt's Die Trauergondel, Alexander Scriabin's Prelude Op 16, no. 1 and Sergey Prokoviev's Sarcasm ll.

"Anthony Howell has always revealed wonderful possibilities of performance art, through work that matches extraordinary rigour with passion. He continues to be absolutely sharp, one of the best artists of his generation. Tango Schumann is yet more evidence of his inventiveness and integrity. It tantalises us with its fusion of music, dance and wit, appealing absolutely to human nature."

Jonathan Watkins, Director, Ikon

Together with his partner, Anthony Howell is committed to finding ways to refresh visual performance and dance. Tango Schumann pioneers the notion that the dance is an innovative form that may derive inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres.  They also seek out new locations - performing in art galleries and museums, as well as in conventional dance venues.

"This emancipation accesses my own musical roots, and enables the method of improvisation developed by the specifically Argentine tango to be appreciated for what it is: a revolutionary development in the art of dancing in the embrace that epitomises the skill of lead and follow."

Anthony Howell